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Are included within the scope of this agreement, all relations between companies and workers in the trade of footwear, leather goods, and travel goods, as well as mixed trade whose main activity is those listed above, which are those included in the epigraph 6516 of the Economic Activities Tax. And those that depending on another company (ETT), are during the validity of the same one carrying out own works of the sector for the main one.

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The Loyalty Program called “AVANZA Club” users get accumulative points to exchange for tickets on AVANZA LONG DISTANCE lines (AUTO-RES, ALISA and AVANZA MOBILIDAD INTEGRAL, in its LONG DISTANCE business, and NORTH and SOUTH divisions), as well as other promotions and advantages.

The points will be loaded on the member’s card once the ticket has been purchased, but will not be redeemable until the trip has been made, in both cases the loading of points will take place within a maximum of 24 hours. In case of cancellation of the ticket before the service, the points will be removed from the card.

* The activation date of the voucher is the date set by the customer on the website or at the ticket office, or the date of issue of the first ticket in the case of recharging the voucher in the APP (even if the date of the voucher is changed later).

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The season ticket is a personal and non-transferable transport ticket, which allows you to make a daily round trip for the selected route, of the lines under the concession Madrid – Segovia, within its scope of temporal validity, at a reduced price. It is forbidden the use of the same by third parties as well as the use of reservations issued for this pass, reserving the company the right to withdraw this pass temporarily and / or permanently if it detects this irregularity.

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Against this backdrop, the Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda (Mitma), Raquel Sánchez; the President of the Regional Government of Extremadura, Guillermo Fernández Vara; the Government Delegate in Extremadura, Yolanda García Seco; the President of Adif and Adif AV, María Luisa Domínguez, and the President of Renfe, Isaías Táboas, among other authorities, have also boarded the train between Cáceres and Badajoz.

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The Minister of Transport, Raquel Sánchez, affirms that this is a first milestone in an Autonomous Community “that has been waiting for a decent railroad for a long time and where we are moving forward more than ever to respond to fair claims”. The infrastructure inaugurated this afternoon reduces travel time between Badajoz and Madrid by up to 51 minutes.

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In addition, it should be remembered that, leaving aside the endless list of missed deadlines, the premiere of the Badajoz-Plasencia section was expected for the past 2019 and the electrification for 2020; it was delayed arguing that the entire route would be built double track.

There is more. The Badajoz-Plasencia section is only the first of the entire Madrid-Extremadura high-speed line. Until the entire route is completed, it will not be possible to say that the region already has AVE.

It will be then when the AVE Madrid-Extremadura can be called so. And it will also be then when train journeys between the main regional cities and the connection with Atocha will have a duration more in line with the 21st century.

For example, the current average travel time between Madrid and Badajoz is around five and a half hours; in 2023 the time saving will be one hour; in 2025, one and a half hours; and within a decade it will be reduced by more than half. It will only take 2:31 minutes to get from Badajoz to Atocha. At least this is what is stated in the Ministry’s report. Another example, between Madrid and Cáceres the trip will not take more than two hours with the electrified track; it will be reduced to three hours in 2025; and to 3:45 on average in 2023.

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